Monday, December 28, 2009


As the end of 2009 approaches, I have been searching the Internet, looking for inspiration. Every December I spend time reflecting and envisioning the upcoming year, writing my new "story."  This year it seems even more important because New Year's Eve is a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse - extra power for illumination and manifestation.

I found this inspirational saying and wanted to share it. It resonates with thoughts I have been having about creating my new life for 2010.

"I enter the new year with the understanding that I am making a fresh start. I begin by discarding thoughts, attitudes, and habits that are not compatible with an excellent life. I let go of whatever caused past discouragement, disappointment, or disagreement. I know that seemingly negative outcomes are desires or goals that are yet to be fulfilled. I am open and receptive to new ideas, activities and relationships.

Each day, I can follow a fresh plan of fulfillment. I act on divine ideas that I receive in moments of prayer and inspiration. These ideas flow through wholesome, positive thoughts. As I use creative thinking to build upon divine ideas, my activities become more dynamic and my abilities are enhanced. Therefore, I enter this new year with optimism, joy and enthusiasm." (Anonymous)

Welcome 2010!

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  1. Hi sweet friend!What a wonderful post! I too have been pondering wat I need to do for the new year! It really is a list a little longer then I'd like to admit! I heard a wonderful suggestion from a reader of my blog and I just have to adapt it this year! She told me that she focus on a single word throughout the year. Her example was "Simplify!" She applyed it to every aspect of her life and saw huge changes! I fell in love witht he idea and wnat to try it this year for my own life...I may chose a few words but the first word that came to my mind was "Service!" I think if I try my hardest to serve others I'll see wonderful things happen in my life! Simplify would help me too so I may need two words!

    Warmest wishes for your 2010!!!! Love ya!