Friday, May 12, 2017

Selkie Magic

Freckles and friend
Since 1993 when I first read Women Who Run with the Wolves (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD) and the story "Sealskin, Soulskin", I have been deeply connected to the Celtic stories about Selkies, seals that live in the sea and shed their skin to become human on land during the full moon each month. Stories about these mystical beings are prevalent in the mythology of cultures throughout the world.

Nine months ago I came upon a pod of harbor seals that live here in Laguna Beach, hauling out on the rocks each day to rest. I have been captivated by these magnificent creatures ever since. I find myself looking forward to low tide and the opportunity to sit near my friends. When I am lucky enough to find them, I sit quietly, observing their peaceful presence and allowing myself to be fully present in my own life. When they are hauled out, the harbor seals remind me to recognize whether or not I am grounded. But when I observe them in the water, I am inspired to be playful and find the joy of simply being alive, to be grateful and to recognize the abundant blessings in my life. 

In Celtic mythology seals have a strong and special connection with the human race. Some families are said to be descended from the union of humans and seals. There are also stories about seals helping humans and it is believed that good luck follows those who help seals. 

In alchemical writings and shamanic traditions, animal symbols give insight into spiritual wisdom. These animals may appear in dreams or in real life. The important point is to consider the deeper meaning. When I sit with the harbor seals, I observe their behavior and consider what message, or omen,  they offer.

According to Ted Andrew's book, Animal Speaks, seals are associated with beings of the Faerie realm in legend and lore. They are Water Spirits who take the form of gray seals and come on shore at night and shed their seal skins, walking and dancing in the moonlight as men and women. 

One esoteric perspective about the seals is that they teach us how to develop and focus the imagination. They can also teach us how to be grounded. Although their home is in the water, pinnipeds need to haul out  on land between seven and twelve hours daily to rest and regulate their body temperature. Seals ask us to reflect upon our state of balance, within and without. Is your imagination taking you out of your body and leaving you ungrounded? Are you listening to your inner voice or are you being influenced by what others believe is important for you?

The shifts that so many of us are currently experiencing are taking us to the core of our fears and even asking us to reevaluate where and how we live. When we find ourselves caught up in the instability around us, we must find our inner equilibrium. It is during the challenging situations that the invitation to apply the lessons learned appears. When we can trust Divine Love and willingly plunge into the inner realms, we will find ourselves popping up to the surface with new insights and creativity. It is through this ability to shift our perspective and maintain our balance that we create stability.

The seals invite us to connect with our creative life force. They inspire us to be present and grounded while allowing a balance of play and joy into life. They invite us to check our state of being, to rest and regroup, find our equilibrium, and wait for the current to shift and a resolution to present itself.

Thank you my Selkie friends. May we continue to seek balance in our lives while we gratefully  recognize the joy of being alive!

Blessings of peace, love and light,