Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Invitation

I have been feeling such gratitude for life and those in my life. As I look around me I see shadow and light sitting together, watching each other, forcing humanity to make difficult choices about how to be in the world. It seems that on a daily basis I am made aware of a challenging financial, health, or emotional situation for myself, my family, or friends. It challenges me to consider faith over fear and what that really means. It calls me to consider balance and what that entails.

Recently my nephew's wife used the word "invitation" in regards to facing challenging circumstances. I have long referred to challenges as opportunities for growth but I like the energy that the word invitation brings. The definition of invitation is: the act of inviting; an allurement, enticement, or attraction. That shifts the energy for me. It's as if God is inviting me to explore new terrain, participate in creative problem solving to change my circumstances.

My daughter and niece are both going through physical circumstances that limit their daily activity. My niece is in the final weeks of a miracle pregnancy and has been relegated to bed rest -- challenging when you have an active three year old in the house! I have watched her accept the "invitation" to reach out to friends and family and accept the willing assistance they offer. It's been a gift for everyone because my niece is very self sufficient and readily gives but hasn't needed to receive the same from her friends.

My daughter recently had an elective surgery that put her in the receiving mode as well. She found herself alone in the recovery phase and had to accept the "invitation" to reach out to others and allow them to provide the physical aide she needs to get through the healing process.

Observing my beloved daughter and niece, as well as several friends facing very difficult circumstances, has made me reflect on this balance of giving and receiving in my own life. When we give readily to others but ignore the invitation to reach out and ask for help when we need it, we aren't participating in the Divine principle of  giving and receiving. Consciousness in giving is an awareness of the spiritual principle in alignment with receiving. There must be a balance, as in all of life.

The spiritual law of giving and receiving says that giving and receiving form a circle of energy which is incomplete if either  aspect is missing. Know that in order to fully give, you must be able to fully receive. When a person receives, she is actually giving. That is to say, she offers others an opportunity to give to her.

Whatever space you currently find yourself in, take a moment to feel gratitude for the people in your life. In these challenging times it is key that each of finds the grace to feel grateful for the invitation to see events as lessons. Learn to balance giving and receiving. Allow God to shower you with new understanding and to trust the journey and the people with whom you share the journey.

"The art of life is to live in the present moment, and to make that moment as perfect as we can by the realization that we are the instruments and expression of God Himself. " (Emmet Fox, 20th century minister, author, teacher, healer and mystic)