Sunday, September 4, 2016

Open Heart to Kindness

 "When you lend a hand, you open a way for your heart to touch the heart of everything. This is a wealth that only grows. While those we help may leave or die or simply grow into their own beauty and be loved by others, the closeness uncovered by kindness turns to light in the body, until the closeness generated by kindness makes a lamp of the heart." ~ by Mark Nepo, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

This is a profound reflection of what is true about relationships and how the Divine can work within and without to create peace and harmony. Isn’t that the purpose of life? We never know what we are learning in the midst of giving or receiving kindness but when we step back and reflect, we are changed. 

I have been blessed to be the recipient of great kindness from others. Nurturing the friendships that I have developed over my lifetime has provided so many blessings! Long ago I recognized that tending to relationships with those who also value kindness resulted in trusted friends who I can process and grow with. There are times to give and times to receive. The key is an open heart and a willingness to take risks with your heart.

I want to open my heart to kindness. I want to give kindness freely and receive it equally! I want to experience joy and love and laughter with people I cherish. I count myself lucky to have so many kind and loving friends who value my presence and whose presence I am continually enriched by. Each friend is a unique flower in my garden I am so grateful!

May each of our hearts find others to open our hearts to "until the closeness generated by kindness makes a lamp of the heart".